TanWD’s initial years of service…

It was in the year 1976 when the Sangguniang Bayan under the leadership of the former town Mayor, Hon. Bienvenido C. Solano, created the Tanay Water District on September 11, 1976 by virtue of Resolution No. 84 in consonance with the provisions of Presidential Decree (P.D.) 198 otherwise known as Water Utility Act of 1973 which created the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) as well.

In December of 1978, the Hon. Mayor Solano appointed the five members of the Board of Directors of the newly formed water district representing professional sector, civic sector, educational sector, business sector and women’s sector while the Board of Directors appointed a General Manager to oversee the operation and maintenance of the water district.
It was on January 1979 when the Sangguniang Bayan of Tanay formally turned-over the Tanay Municipal Water System to Tanay Water District. In between January to August of 1979, LWUA conducted a detailed study and data gathering in the TanayPoblacion. After their evaluation, it was on August 27, 1979 when LWUA issued the Certificate of Conformance to TanWD being the Eighty-Eighth (88th) Water District conformed by LWUA. At that time, TanWD only have a total of 300 service connections and two (2) Barangay water systems operating namely San Isidro Water System and Wawa Water System.
During the first two (2) years of operation, the District, like any other businesses in their initial years of operation, had encountered problems in all aspects of its operation. Some of the water system facilities were dilapidated such as pumps, pipelines, water meters, etc.

Help on the way…

The Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) granted a mini-loan of Two Hundred Thousand Pesos (P200,000.00) and it was considered very important in the early stages of operation. This amount was utilized for the rehabilitation of pumps, water meter, purchase of other pumps and other plumbing equipment.

Lately, the P 8.1 million Immediate Improvement Program was approved on May 1980 by LWUA authorities. This P 8.1 million comprises the pipelaying constructions under the Ilaya Zonal Improvement Program wherein all the streets in Ilaya will be cemented during that time.

The new improvements in the operation of the water system eventually generated the increase in services connections from a mere 300 in August 1979 to 1,200 as of June 1983 which is equivalent to 300% and the increase in its collection efficiency brought the District in greater heights wherein Tanay Water District has been awarded as 2nd Most Outstanding Water District (Medium Category) in the Philippines in the years 1984 and 1985.
The Sampaloc water system…

The development of the water system in Brgy.Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal which is 17 kilometers away from the Poblacion started last 1989. It was approved by Sangguniang Barangay by virtue of Resolution No. 15, series of 1989. A new sub-office located at Brgy. Sampaloc was constructed. At that time, the Sampaloc water system has one (1) production well with a capacity of 28lps, has no storage reservoir and directly supplies water for 15 hours daily to the consumers of Brgy. Sampaloc.

Water District declared as Government Owned and Controlled Corporation…
A water district is a quasi-public corporation performing public service and supplying public wants and was declared by the Supreme Court G.R. No. 95237-38 last September 1991 as a government owned and controlled corporation (GOCC). With this declaration, Local Water District in addition to the supervision of Local Water Utilities Administration are now under the direct regulation of government agencies such as the Department of Budget and Management, Commission on Audit, Civil Service Commission, Office of the Ombudsman, Government Services and Insurance System, and other agencies mandated by the Office of the President thru executive orders.

The Millennium Projects…

With Tanay’s rapid population growth rate and development, three (3)deepwell pumping stations were constructed in Poblacion area and one (1) deepwell pumping station in Brgy. Sampaloc which significantly improved the supply of water in the service area covered by the district.
The District was able to secure a loan from LWUA thru Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) amounting to P93,511,252.70 wherein the contract signing was done in year 2000 and the project implementation started in year 2002. This move paved the way for the expansion and improvements of water sources, reservoirs, pumping station, transmission and distribution lines.

The Re-categorization….

In the year 2002, Tanay Water District category was upgraded from Medium to Big water district due to increase in number of service connections, assets, revenues and on-time payments of loans.
TanWD was re-evaluated for a new category in 2012 in compliance with the guidelines as provided for in the DBM approved REVISED LOCAL WATER DISTRICT (LWD) Manual on Categorization, Re-Categorization and other Related Matters (LWD-MaCRO).

A Certificate of Category declaring Tanay Water District under “CATEGORY B” effective March 2012 was issued by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) last April 2, 2012.
Recovery from Typhoon “Ondoy”

Tanay Water District was not spared from the ravage of Typhoon “Ondoy” last September 26, 2009. The main building was flooded with 8 ft. deep of water and 6” mud. Office equipment, tools, supplies and inventories, furniture, records and files and service vehicles were lost and severely damaged. Some of its distribution lines were even cut-off and damaged due to strong water current. With the cooperation of the men and women of the district, its operation was gradually restored and the basic services were normalizing within two months.
After 37 years of service…

After 37 years of operation, the Tanay Water District had proven itself successful by surpassing all the challenges and struggles and demonstrating its viability and sustainability in giving service to the people of Tanay 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

At present, the Tanay Water District is responsible for the management of water services for 14,475 residential, commercial and government establishment. The District operate and maintain the following:

1. 14,475 water service connections
2. Thirteen (13) deepwells ( combined average monthly production capacity of 40,422.038 cu.m)
3. One (1) spring source ( 10 cum/hr)
4. Three (3) Concrete ground reservoir ( 2 units – 600 cum & 1 unit – 100 cum)
5. Two (2) elevated steel tanks ( 100 cum each)
6. Four (4) Booster Pump Station ( combined output of 45 cum/hr)
7. Three (3) separate water systems namely : (1) Poblacion, (2) Sampaloc, and Laiban with transmission/ distribution lines – pipe size ranging from 50 mm – 250 mm diameter.

The mission and vision of Tanay Water District will remain the same and we will be committed to delivering high quality service with utmost integrity and accountability at all times.