Tanay Water District, represented by General Manager Emmanuel Catolos, signed the contract agreement for the operation and maintenance of the TanWD Septage Treatment Plant (STP) on Dec. 28, 2023, at the BOD Conference Room.

The contract agreement signing was between the District and Chemical Research Products Industrial Sales, Inc. (ChemRes), which won the competitive bidding for the STP’s operation and maintenance. Mr. Jan Michael De Jesus, ChemRes Vice-President for Business Development, represented the company.

Contract Details

According to official documents, ChemRes will provide goods and services relative to the STP’s daily operation and maintenance requirements. TanWD, in turn, will pay ChemRes P3,462,000 for its goods and ancillary services.

Specifically, Chemres is responsible for operating and maintaining the vacuum truck used for septage sludge hauling operations. This task includes the necessary management, personnel, labor, tools, materials, equipment, preventive maintenance, and emergency repairs.

Additionally, ChemRes will perform regular monitoring of truck condition and effluent parameters throughout the contract duration. They will also “monitor the truck condition, including the fuel consumption and maintenance schedules,” the Scope of Contract revealed.

Similar parameters, including provision of appropriate chemicals, apply to the operation and maintenance of the entire STP, which is currently 50% operational. The service provider will also shoulder all costs associated with the “monthly testing of wastewater effluent by an accredited DENR/LLDA third party laboratory testing center,” the same document revealed.

Finally, ChemRes will ensure that all the technical personnel involved in the STP’s operation and maintenance tasks are properly trained

The contract is valid from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2024. It will require ChemRes personnel to operate two days a week, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., doing septage desludging and hauling. They will also be responsible for the routine vacuum truck and vacuum pump system inspection, as well as other repair, operation, and maintenance services relative to the STP. TanWD says it seeks to fully operationalize the STP soon and take over its entire operation once transfer of knowledge is completed and it procures the necessary tools, equipment, and supplies. #