In a bid to have all grounds covered, Tanay Water District held the Blessing and Inauguration of the So. Waray-Mapunso transmission and distribution lines, Feb. 13, 2018.

Tanay Mayor Rex Manuel Tanjuatco, Vice Mayor Jaime Vista, Councilor Buboy Bernados, ABC President Ruel Estrella, TanWD General Manager Mr. Emmanuel Catolos, TanWD employees, and residents attended the event held at the So. Mapunso fire hydrant.

Also in attendance are members of the Board of Directors: Dr. Marcelia R. De Villa, Almalyn T, Pati, and Engr. Manny P. Chua.

Rev. Fr. Noeh Elnar, who is also a member of the Board of Directors, blessed the facilities.

The 2.7km-long transmission and distribution lines will supply water to residents on the area, who, for many decades, rely on water being rationed by water delivery trucks.

Mrs. Reyes, a resident, said in her response that she has been living in the area for 50 years without a reliable supply of potable water. She expressed her joy in the development as it will make their daily lives more comfortable.#